Geographical time-space representation terminology based on concepts

In order to rationalize the code of the application, we introduce a new naming policy for variables and functions, based on the underlying concepts. We start from geographical objects, cities and transport networks that we model as graphs, and we finally produce an image made of cones and curves.

Geographical objects Mathematical objects Graphical objects
Cities Nodes of a graph Cones
Transport networks Edges of a graph Curves

The geographical objects are modeled  in a graph. Producing the end image is a matter of graph drawing which is an identified scientific domain. In order to better distinguish the graph part and the graphical part of the code we emphasize the use of the words node and edges for the graph and the use of cones and curves for the graph drawing section. Depending on the choices made by the user, curves may be implemented as straight lines, broken segments or Bézier curves.

In the code, the use of the word line is restricted to the context of three.js objects.

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